With the Internet a lot of customers in this region have started to buy machines directly from suppliers around the world , however once the machine arrives getting the machines to run and servicing the machines is then a issue

We are Happy to offer complete Installation and servicing of new and old embroidery machines no matter what brand our embroidery engineers are specialists in what they do with more than 45 years in the same field

At MME we offer you option n your service

  • Standard Service Calls
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC)

AMC customers are able to minimize the maintenance & operation cost with minimum downtime of their Machines .Discounted rates on spare parts which are recommended be in stock , faster Turn around times and technical knowledge . Our highly skilled and trained technicians, who l attend to your machines, will always suggest and recommend suitable spare parts and attachments to help keep your machine in tip top shape and help you improve handling for faster production .

We Carry a Huge inventory of parts which enable us to repair the machines Faster

Some of Our Check points on Embroidery Machines

  • Pantograph Alinement with lubrication
  • Belt Adjustment / change
  • Check Thread tensions
  • Needle Change settings
  • Hook trimming
  • Trimmer trimming
  • Electrical and electronic checks
  • Sensor Checks

And much more

Please Keep in mind that we are a Team of Professional Embroidery Mechanics with over 40 years of collective experience between us and are not your regular fly by night only bring 3 tools engineers . We give you warranty on our work but also Charge you Reasonable Market rates

Our Standard inspection charges start from 750 AED+ vat within Dubai and if you decide to complete the service with us then the same is waived ( Other Emirates Please ask for Rates )


Electronic Circuit Board Repair service for sewing and embroidery machines

Do we Repair Electronic Boards and Solve Electronic problems on Sewing and Embroidery Machines ? YES we do

We are Happy to Check your boards and see if they can be repaired for a Flat inspection charges of 300 Aed + Vat , If you decide to Repair the same with us then we will Waive the Charges. The customer is Responsible for sending us the Board and Collecting the Board from our Service Center

If you need us to Come and Check the same at your premises then we charge 550 Aed + vat for the same again if you then decide to repair the same with us we will waive the charges .