We service and repair domestic sewing machines in Our showroom in Dubai Investment Park 1. Our service department has grown through word of mouth with excellent referrals, giving us a high level of repeat business.

When you bring your to us for a service or repair, our team of qualified engineers work on the same , using only genuine parts where ever possible . our Workshop is fully equipped, so you can be rest assured your machine is in good hands. Bring in your machine any time during our standard business hours you don’t need a appointment. Just let us know the reason you are bringing it in for annual service check, or if there’s a problem tell us exactly what the issue is . Our Technicians will be happy to inspect the machine and send you a estimate for the work if we need to get any additional parts or replace anything .

Why And when should I Bring my Machine for a service ?

  • If you Use your machine several times a week then we recommend once a year
  • If you use your machines once every two or three months then we suggest every 6 months
  • If you Keep your Machine without using it . Then polish it by yourself

We recommend that all sewing machines get a basic service check every 1 to 2 years.. Stray threads, dust, and lint from fabric stays inside your machine . as time passes you start facing issues with the tensions , feed dogs , needle plates and Stich regulators . If you don’t take care then you may damage the machine forever , In these latest models many sewing machines do not require oiling, which means this is done when the machine is serviced.

If you keep your machine clean, changes your needle frequently, oils it where needed, and store it properly , Then you can wait longer between services , However a regular user will know when the machine has issues keeping in mind that the older your machine is the more service it requires , Older machines need more lubrication to run well, they do have parts that wear out with time and use.

Our pricing structure is very reasonable and represents excellent value for money. We offer a fast turnaround and 90 day service warranty on our work

What our 90 days service Warranty Does NOT cover:

  • Misuse of your machine
  • Malicious Damage of your machine
  • Operator error
  • Incorrect Threading

What is covered in the Warranty.

  • Parts replaced during your service
  • Labour performed during the service
  • Mechanical faults during normal operation arising from work performed by our Technicans

We will fix your machine free of charge provided that

  • The machine is used correctly.
  • The machine has been threaded correctly.
  • There is no evidence of thread caught up in the gears, take-up mechanism’s, motors and any other mechanical or electrical component.
  • The machine has not been tampered with by the owner or another individual.
  • The machine was purchased from Sew Simple either on our site or in our store.

Any Machine left at MME for a term that is longer than 14 days following service or repairs, and without prior notification incurs storage fees. Should the machine not be picked up after 30 Days We reserve the right to sell or Dispose of your machine to recover costs .