Emblem Edging


Model No : MG-3U WIDE
Sector :

The Merrow MG-3U WIDE is a 2-THREAD industrial sewing machine that is ideal for putting edges on large emblems, patches, badges, and insignias. It makes a 3/8" stitch at a standard rate of 28 SPI (though this can be decreased or increased to 20 or 40 SPI respectively), yet even while running at 5500 RPM still operates under 90 dbA. The MG-3U WIDE carries a 10 year warranty, though it is expected to run for years after that with routine care.

WHY it's better
The Merrow Edge is the standard bearer for emblem edging. Noticeable for its finish and regularity, the WIDE Merrow Emblem Edge is a distinctive mark of quality that can only be made by the Merrow MG Class of Machines.
HOW it's better
Amazingly, the MG-3U WIDE sews with only two threads yet still produces a full and uniform merrowed edge. By using only two threads, the MG-3U WIDE reduces the tension on the emblem that occurs when sewing an overedge stitch of increased width. By reducing the amount of threads by one, the MG-3U WIDE eliminates the problem of wrapping the emblem edge within the stitch, which causes the emblem to curl and prevents it from laying flat.
WHERE it's used
The MG-3U WIDE is a versatile industrial machine that will satisfy the needs of the local emblem shop to the factory producing thousands of patches per day.