A&E SunStop® Thread

A&E SunStop® Thread Navy 66508

Part No : Navy 66508
Sector : Technical Textiles / Tents, Aviation / Marine


  • Fiber Type: PolyesterFinishes: Soft or BondedThread Construction: Twisted MultifilamentApplication: Outdoor Products, Covers/ Web Slings & Tiedowns, Specialty Industrial
  • Full Description:A&E‘s Sunstop® is a high performance multifilament polyester sewing thread. Offering advanced ultra-violet light protection, Sunstop® is ideal for outdoor applications where seam strength retention and fade prevention during UV exposure are required.Sunstop® thread provides advanced UV protection, reducing strength degradation over traditional filament polyesters and color loss through fading.Sunstop® is also available in non-wick to help diminish moisture migration through the seams.Sunstop® is used in many outdoor applications including: marine boat tops, awnings, shade sails, patio furnishings, umbrellas and other beach fabrics among others.Available finishes include: Bonded, SST (Stretched), and STX (Non-Stretched)____A digital representation of 16 popular, standard stock colors is available for viewing  in the download section  Disclaimer: Use for approximation purposes only.
  • Sizes Available:
    Tex Size Metric Size Strength (Lbs.) Strength (Grams) Needle Size (Metric) Applications
    90 30 13.5 6124 120 Heavy
    135 20 20 9072 140 heavy
    Physical characteristics provided are for comparative purposes only, final determination of suitability is the sole responsibility of the user. All physical data listed above is based on current averages and should NOT be used as minimum requirements.
  • Advantages:
    • Improved resistance to strength loss from UV exposure over standard polyester filament thread
    • Good seam strength
    • Consistent diameter and excellent ply security
    • Superior Sewability
    • Non wick treatment to limit moisture migration
    • Advanced UV protection helps reduce color fade from UV exposure.
    • Available in standard marine and awning colors
  • Comments:
    • Fiber Resistance to Acid- Excellent
    • Fiber Resistance to Alkali- Fair
    • Fiber Resistance to Bleach- Excellent
    • Fiber Abrasion Resistance- Good
    • Fiber Resistance to Heat- 145 deg C (Highest continuous temperature before breakdown)
    • Fiber Melting Point- 265 deg C
    • Filament polyester prewound bobbins are available in multiple sizes

Shade Card Sunstop-Color-Card