Our sewing machine spare parts are made of the best material by capable specialized workers. The most modern methods of manufacturing and testing together with more than 85 years of experience are a guarantee for faultless uniform quality and workmapship. Due to our specialization we know the function of the parts and thus the critical points. Because of our activity as a suplier to the sewing machine industry (OEM manufacture) we are used to meet even the closest tolerances.



Sewing Machine spare parts are quality parts

High precision through processing on special grinding machines with CNC control. High durability and excellent cutting efficiency by using high-class steel and careful hardening.Depending ont the intended purpose, he following types of steel are used :

  • High alloy steel
  • High speed steel HSS(M2)= up to 10-fold increase of durability in comparison to the knives made of standard steel
  • Super steel = additional increase of durabiity against HSS.
  • Hard metal (for solid hard metal knives or carbide tipped knives (CT))

Maier-Unitas grinding machines contribute to cost savings. Because knives and scissors can be reground exactly and quickly in one's own factory. We have the right machine and grinding equipment to grind the correct angle to almost all of the available knives n the Clothing Industry to exact tolerances,including overlock knives,hook knives, lining trimmers and circular knives.

Model 68/1 - The Universal Knife Grinding Machine

It is an ideal,precise and universal machine for the sewing machine mechanic.

Model 90- Knife Grinding Machine

Grinds knives of all sewing machine makes and is also predestined for grinding of carbide-tipped knives. This low-priced,lightweight model is especially suitable for smaller workshops and for mechanics who want to grind knives in the premises of the customer.

Model 111- Scissors Grinding Machine

By means of this special machine both the professional and the non-professionalcan satisfy the demands of perfect cutting edges on scissors of any kind and size. The scissors are tightly fixed and the easily movable grinding arm gurantees secure grinding. This model is an ideal supplement the knife grinding machine model 90.