SIPAMI, the most complete advanced, versatile, reliable technology for Jeans & trouser garment Industries.


SIPAMI range of automatic workstations has been developed in order to be the best solution for the jeans & trouser garment industries, in cooperation with Brother Ltd Japan.


From the beginning SIPAMI has a target for all our automatic sewing machine range with following features: - Productivity - quality - versatility! Range of automatic units by SIPAMI & BROTHER with versatile working use, with extended larger working area, with more functions added in single working station in order to have the top productivity, quality and versatility of our automatic workstations.


- Key turn project: SIPAMI Units are equipped with Standard sewing heads, mainly from Brother Japan. We strongly believe that this is our winning choice for several reasons, especially for key turn project. SIPAMI can provide all information and support for factory study, design of production lines and production flow-chart,garment quality and production process implementation, machinery and garment handling suggestions.


- First class back Up service! SIPAMI units are equipped with a same common software and electronic hardware available in other sewing machines in the market. At example it could be that we have technicians already expert of Brother Sewing machines. Easily the same technical staff will learn all technical & mechanical information about SIPAMI products. At the end, a technology is successful when the majority of the potential users are in the position to use at max efficiency!


- Spare parts: freedom to purchase everywhere you like! Standard sewing head for SIPAMI range means a replacement for consumable spare parts like loopers , hooks completely under the control of the customers. It means the possibility to purchase easily genuine or duplicated parts in all markets at lowest price.


- We are special in the machines, not in the components! Our choice to use only standard commercial market components (pneumatic and electronic) is very important for potential users of SIPAMI units. All pneumatic and electronic standard components are made by first class suppliers, with own sales network and distribution in all world.


-SIPAMI doesnt use any special cylinder, any special valve or any special design components that customer is forced to purchase only from us.It means that a future customer will be always in the position to purchase the consumable spare part from the market with the best price & delivery. In other words, We care and we are focus only to develop, sales and service the machines of our range.If then customer prefers to purchase from us the spare part as well , it must be for the price and competence in the service that we offer and gain from us.This is own way to be loyal and reliable with our customer.


- Running cost back to be under user control! Revolution in the automatic sewing machine world! End user must be sure to have the running cost under own full control. At our opinion, we believe that only a manufacturing company using standard consumable parts gives to end user the real opportunity to keep under control the machinery running cost and safe investment payback otherwise the extra productivity using an automatic units will be wasted with an higher running cost.


- Simple devices! We design an attachment with a simple mechanism, nothing complicated and sophisticated. It means a more friendly use, function system and easier maintenance. All our machines can be fixed and maintain by local staff after a technical training of our SIPAMI thanks of common mechanical adjustments with standard Brother or Kansai machines.